Lonneke Vodegel is a spiritual medium specializing in Business Mediumship. As a child Lonneke was already aware of the Spirit World. But it wasn’t until her mid-30s that she began to develop this further by, among other things, training at The Arthur Findlay College in Stansted (UK).

Looking beneath

In the past 10 years Lonneke has helped many entrepreneurs with problems in their business by reading their energy, that of their clients and their company.

She has also given workshops and courses for entrepreneurs and managers in which Business Spirituality, strengthening your intuition & how to work with energy were central.

Besides business readings, Lonneke also does mediamistic and psychic readings.

So are you getting stuck? Don’t know what direction you or your company wants to go in anymore? Are you looking for clarity, insights and guidance?
Lonneke helps you further.

Lonneke is practical and down to earth in her mediumship. She also believes that everyone is born spiritual and can therefore use energy in their work and personal life. 


Private sittings (via Zoom)
Are you stuck in your life, work or business?
Do you want more insights, clarity and direction?
Or do you want to connect with a deceased loved one?
Then book a private sitting.

During the sitting I will tune into your energy, that of your company, and the fiels of possibilities or I make a connection with the spirit world.  I make the invisible visible and I am the voice for the ones in the spirit world.

A sitting wil take about 45 minutes and will be done via Zoom. A recording is available afterwards. The costs are € 95,-

If you want a sitting: press button below to send an email. 

Lonneke medium training geven

Masterclasses, Workshops & Demonstrations Mediumship
Check the calendar (AGENDA)  to see what’s on the schedule.

It is also possible to get 1-to-1 online tuition and energetic business coaching. 

What Others Say …

I recently engaged Lonneke to run a MasterClass for members of my Spirited Living Community, titled ‘The Energy of Business’.

It was without a doubt one of the best 90 minute sessions the members have experienced to date. Lonneke was able to communicate and demonstrate principles of energy perception, concentration and direction in powerful and accessible ways that had the entire MasterClass group intrigued and very excited about the potentials of their minds and energy systems.

Her fabulous style and humour helped everyone feel welcomed and relaxed, which absolutely played into the palpable energy felt as the group engaged with each of her practices

Danielle Van de Velde
Founder of SpiritedLivingwithDani.com



I contacted Lonneke as I need guidance about my business. Her insights and visions have been instrumental in getting my business off the ground. Her visions have proved to be exceptionally accurate. I love working with her as her energy and kind helping nature are blissful and energising.

I would strongly recommend Lonneke to people who need guidance with their business and also personal issues. Lonneke has helped me avoid collaborations that would be expensive and offer very little. She has guided me to fruitful collaborations and suggested marketing avenues that brought in significant business. Lonneke is valuable in so many ways.

Maria Micha
Psychotherapist & Shamanic Teacher 

It’s not in a “floating yoga pillow” way. She really helps me believe in abundance, believe in the flow and therefore I can make the shift in peace.

She knows in three sentences how to put her finger on the sore spot and show me my pitfalls. .For me Lonneke is very special.

Wilma Brouwer
Career coach


When can I get a sitting?

If you want a sitting push on the Button Yes, I want a sitting. It will open your email and you can send an email with the request. I will answer within 2 days and give you the Paypal Request for payement and options of dates and times. Depending on my agenda, the wait time now is between 2 – 4 weeks.

Make sure you don’t book a sitting on the Dutch page of the website. Coz that won’t work if you are not located in The Netherlands. 

Can I get both a reading on myself and contact with my loved one in Spirit?

Yes you can. Often it goes hand in hand. That what is going on in your life and what your loved one in spirit comes with in his contact to you.

What information do you need prior to the sitting?

Nothing at all! I prefer to have as little information as possible before the consultation. That way you keep everything purest.

Are you allowed to disturb deceased people after their death

People in the spirit world, after their physical death, want to let you know exactly how they are doing. And that they are still part of your life; even though they are no longer physically there. That is why they enjoy talking to you (through the medium).

Do you also have services for businesses or if I as a coach want to offer my clients something in the area of intuition?

I give trainings, master classes and talks on Business intuition and energy. I also give workshops on how to recharge your clients as a coach. These are all customized services. If you are interested, please contact me and I will look with you what fits your question and quickly put together a customized service.

Ik heb geen kant en klaar scenario
Maar weet welke route er is
en kan die samen met jou ontdekken
Zodat jij je eigen routekaart kan samenstellen
Op wie jij nu bent
Wie jouw ziel is
En in het huidige moment

Lonneke Vodegel -

Spiritueel & Business Medium

Lodderhoeksestraat 10
6687 LR Angeren
06-483 16 977